Perfect For:

Garden Shed
Tool Shed
ATV Storage
Snowmobile Storage
Tack Room
Job Office
Farm and Ranch Use
Ice Fishing Shack
Seasonal Item Storage
Motorcycle Storage

Frequently Asked Questions

Cost on cube and accessories?

  • Cube- $5995.00 + gst
  • Roll up Door, trim package, solar lighting are available
  • Delivery, options and assembly as per quote basis


  • 2600Lbs


  •  8’x20’, or you can put 2 together to get at 16’x20’ or 8’x40’.
  • The 16’x20’ requires you to remove the middle wall and then reinforce the frame, meaning you can’t fold it flat again. The 8’x40’ would not require this and could still be folded flat after.

Made of? 

  • Galvanized steel frame (1/8 inch) with galvanized steel insulated wall panels

Insulation value? 

  • R10, or roughly the equivalent of a 2x4 wall with pink insulation


  • ¾ inch Cement board, anti rot and anti mold

Insulated floor?

  • Not on standard cubes, but can be easily done with rigid foam or spray foam insulation


  • When they are erected the can stack 2 high, flat can stack5 high for shipping or storing

How thick are the walls?

  •  2 inches

Won’t blow over in high wind? 

  • No, they are very sturdy:
1. 2600 lbs, most weight is in the floor for increased stability.
2. Once end walls are locked into place with the security bolts, the frame is solid and the long walls cannot collapse on themselves.

Rodent proof?

  •  Yes

Water tight even at hinged seams?

  • Yes, there is a tongue and groove locking joint at the seams to ensure moisture cannot leak into the building.

Erect without a picker truck, crane, tractor, or large forklift?

  • No, it is too heavy and too tall (8 feet) for guys to lift it up. 

Where are they made?

  •  They are imported from overseas (China)
  • Cancube is 100% Canadian Operated

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